Roberto & Renata

About Us

How it started

Over 25 years ago Roberto Miano arrived in Kenya and he fell in love with it. Closing down all his enterprises in Italy, Roberto settled in Malindi and through him, ‘Made in Italy’ disembarked in Kenya as he immediately started the importation of Italian food products.

The Growth

In 2000 Roberto decided to move himself and his businesses to Mombasa, the economic and social reference point of the coastal region of Kenya expanding his import business by coordinating large-scale distribution of the imported Italian products. Hotels, restaurants and shops in the coast as well as in Nairobi became loyal clients of Tropic Trade Market Ltd.


In 2008 Roberto opened his first restaurant in Mombasa, which quickly became a point of reference for lovers of real Italian cuisine, highly appreciated in Kenya. Roberto is surely to be considered one of the greatest promoters of our food and wine culture. When in 2008 Roberto met Renata their diverse paths crossed and hence a new professional and personal collaboration was born, which led Tropic Trade Market Ltd. to expand its activities and to grow in importance, enlarging their distribution network in the Kenyan territory.

The Staff

Eating should be an experience shared among friends. That’s why we take care over every meal we make, to ensure that you get the best out of your time with us. From produce to plate, we only use the highest quality ingredients, and this shows in our meals. Why not come and visit us to see for yourself?