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Today Roberto's Corporate - with Tropic Trade Market LTD (Mombasa) & Gourmet Master LTD (Nairobi) - is the reference in the region for hotels, restaurants and businesses who desire to use food products, wines, espresso coffee and professional equipment of Italian origin.

Taking on the distribution of Italian products and wines in Kenya has been a pleasant challenge for both Roberto and Renata and today the challenge renews itself daily with tenaciousness, passion and the will to reinvent.

Today our corporate, is absolutely the reference for whomever would like to buy Italian products and wines of good quality in Kenya. The wine offer is ample with regards to typology, region of origin and production firm. Renata, who comes from Friuli Venezia Giulia, has brought with her acquaintances and contacts with companies such as Pighin and Santa Margherita, which have been added to Roberto’s already numerous contacts.

If you're interested and would like to find out more or join our online wholesale platform, please drop us an email at sales@robertosmombasa.com


The corporate


Roberto's Italian Hub LTD

Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria, Gelateria, Home made food maker and Deli operating in Mombasa

Gourmet Master LTD

A business to business wholesale company that operates in Nairobi area in distribution of Italian goods

Tropic Trade Market LTD

A business to business wholesale company that operates in Mombasa area in distribution of Italian goods



Roberto's Italian Hub LTD

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Gourmet Master LTD

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Tropic Trade Market LTD

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